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Love the music in you
Love the song you sing
Let it bring you joy
Let it give you wings
Let it carry you
Beyond what you know
Beyond old ideas
Of how your song goes

Jennifer Ruth Russell

Christine van Roggen
artist name: Ku’oko'a
My passion is "the Great Inner Adventure" taking me - WAY BEYOND my thoughts, fears, doubts- into a grateful exploration of meaning and possibility, enchantment and authenticity that nourishes my soul. I have traveled extensively, over the years and even sold my house in 2006 to be free to discover more of the world, to observe, meet, share and be inspired by people of different cultures and from all walks of life. Encounters, beauty, art, laughters and tears, energy work, magic instants in the 'here and now', expansion of my consciousness beyond what is visible and beyond time an circumstances, all contributed to the unfolding of my own "Art of Living from inside-out", based on my values of integrity, joy, beauty and freedom, in a 'Vision Way Beyond Thinking'. I listen to my intuition and acknowledge the value of inner alignment, choice, creativity and imagination to create a new and more joyful experience of what is commonly called 'reality'.
Now, more than ever, I appreciate being able to find peace and spaciousness within me as I know that I always have the possibility to shift my perception, perspective and focus... And. for that matter, photography is a powerful tool for me to open my vision beyond thinking and judgement. It spontaneously connects me with an inner movement, feeling, resonance...
It acts as an echo, awakened in me, to a place and point in and beyond time, that resonates each time I look at the photo. On the other hand, I also wholeheartedly enjoy and play with other glimpses of 'realities' as I regularly use my iPhone camera as a 'photo shape shifting' tool to dance with lines, shapes, colors and imaginary characters that, all of a sudden, emerge from an object, flower or scenery. So much fun, (and also, absolutely effective in dissolving any 'stress/mental chatter'...)!

« Learn to get in touch with the innermost essence of your being.
It doesn’t fear any challenge.
It is beneath no one, superior to no one, and full of
magic, mystery and enchantment »
Deepak Chopra

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